Board of Directors & Committees

Board of Directors

River Region Art Association is an all volunteer organization.  It is governed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Past President.  Directors serve for one year and may be re-elected to the same office for up to and no more than two consecutive terms.  Elections are held in November and the incoming board takes office on January 1.  Members-At-Large are selected by the Board of Directors and are invited to join the Board of Directors in an advisory non-voting capacity.  The Board of Directors meets monthly and presides at the monthly general membership meetings.  Robert’s Rules of Order is followed at board and general membership meetings. The 2017 Board of Directors includes the following:

  • President- Sharon Flannagan
  • Vice president- Peggy Carbo
  • Treasurer –  Sharon Flanagan                        
  • Secretary –  Betty Marks
  • Past President- Kathy Bourgeois


In addition to the Board of Directors, the association has committees to plan and implement specific areas of activities.  Each Committee Chairperson is required to attend the monthly general membership meetings and give regular reports of his/her activities.  In addition, each Chairperson is required to preserve records of his/her activities and submit an annual report to the Board of Directors in December. The current Committees and Chairpersons include the following:


  • Education – Sharon Flanagan
  • Exhibits – Betty Marks 
  • Depot Gallery – 
  • Fundraising & Grants – Sharon Flanagan
  • Membership –  Lynda Williams
  • Newsletter – Lynda Williams
  • Public Relations – Sharon Flanagan
  • Website 
  • Social Media-Nathalie Bagwell