Nathalie Bagwell

Yvonne Bayham

Kathy Bourgeois

Carolyn Bowman

      “Standing Tall”    Acrylic on Canvas    18″ x 24″    $75.00 plus tax

Peggy Carbo

        “Swamp Friends”    Acrylic on Canvas    11″ x 14″    $135 plus tax

Mary Crochet

      “The White Bird”    16″ x 20″    Acrylic on Board    $95 plus tax

Katherine Daigle

John Doe

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Sharon Flanagan

Louise Hanson

    “A Forrest of Leaves”    Acrylic on Canvas    18″ x 14″    $200.00 plus tax

Helen Haw

    “Great Blue”    Photograph    16″ x 11″    $90.00 plus tax        

Kathleen Kuhnert

Linda Madere

Betty Marks

Gaynell Moore

    “House in the Orchard”    20″ x 20″    Acrylic on Canvas    $190.00 plus tax

Ailine Pine

    “Mushroom”    7.5″ x 9″ art dimension     Oil on Canvas    $50.00 plus tax     ...

Cy Rawls

    “Bayou Camp”    Acrylic on Canvas    11″ x 20″    $75.00 plus tax

John Robbins

Donna Stelly

    “The Visitor”     Photograph    16″ x 20″    $125.00 plus tax  

Vee Taylor

Lynda Williams

Josie Young

    “The Rose”    11″ x 14″    Photograph with green mat board